Highpointe residents had an opportunity to meet with Russ Reeves, city engineer, the Stone Ledge blasting contractor and project manager on 7/24/12 regarding the blasting that will occur at Stone Ledge Terrace.  The area on the South end of the property needs to be blasted for utilities and roadwork.  Residents should not hear the blast but will hear the loud warning sirens that will sound 3 times prior to a blast and one time after.

The blasting was supposed to begin Thursday but was delayed due to the weather.  Blasting will take from 7-10 (not necessarily consecutive ) days from 8-4.  Blasting will not occur if the weather is too rainy and there are low clouds.

We were told by all present (contractor conducting blasts, project manager and the city engineer) that our property will not be effected by the blasts and that items on display in our homes will not be impacted. 

If anyone has any concerns once the blasting begins, please contact the city engineer, the planning board or the project manager who is on site every day.

News & Events 9/5/2017

Highpointe Recreation & Community Associations 2017 Annual Meeting

The Annual Recreation and Community Association Meetings will be held on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 at Faith Lutheran Church, 50 Leversee Road in Troy.

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Troy Record 10/15/2013

Police: Man sped through Waterford at twice the speed limit

WATERFORD >> A Troy man was arrested for driving twice as fast as the speed limit in parts of Waterford and fleeing from the scene of an accident Saturday evening, police said....

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